The Connectorly WorkflowMax Data Model

This article provides an overview on data available from WorkflowMax to report with in Microsoft Power BI with Connectorly.

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Design Goals

We designed Connectorly for WorkflowMax and Microsoft Power BI to make it easy to report across the full WorkflowMax financial data set. We had the following goals:

  1. An easy-to-understand WorkflowMax data structure that provides full access to your data...

  2. that works across multiple WorkflowMax Organisations so that you can report at the aggregate level...

  3. and even if you wish to report on your WorkflowMax and Xero data together.

To achieve these goals we have both simplified and substantially enriched the raw data that comes from WorkflowMax, which are structured into Tables as described below.



Contacts are the Individuals that are transacted with.


Customers are the Organisations that are transacted with. They may be Suppliers or Clients.


Invoices that are related to the jobs.


Provide details of the jobs.


Leads and lead activities.

Purchase Orders

This table provides details of the purchase orders.


Quote details.


Full details of the job-related tasks.


This table provides details of the staff time entries.

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