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Connectorly for Xero and Microsoft Power BI
What is Connectorly for Xero and Power BI?
What is Connectorly for Xero and Power BI?

Use the power of the premier BI platform from Microsoft with all Xero financial data

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Connectorly for Xero and Microsoft Power BI makes it easy to report across the full Xero financial data set.

In particular it:

  1. Has an easy to understand Xero data structure

  2. Works across multiple Xero Organisations so that you can aggregate data across organisations or filter across Organisations in the same report

  3. Allows you to rebase different Xero Organisations to a common reporting currency.

  4. Makes it easy to work across different date ranges such as fiscal years, halves, quarters, months and weeks

  5. Supports 4-4-5 week months as well as the more usual calendar ranges.

  6. Provides an easy way to group financial information across accounts, contacts and products, and quickly switch between these different views.

  7. Simplifies budgeting and forecasting, by providing forecasts based on repeating invoices, expected payment dates and budgets.

To achieve these goals we simplified and substantially enriched the raw data that comes from Xero.

Find out more about the data you can report on in The Connectorly Xero Data Model.

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