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Connectorly's are regularly updated to bring you new features and squash bugs. Version 3.10.0 is our latest and supported release.

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Latest Release: 3.10.0

  • Rebranding from Stellarise Connector to Connectorly

Earlier releases are no longer supported. Please upgrade to our latest release prior to reaching out to our support team.


  • Improvements to sync data even faster between Dynamics 365 and Xero

  • Bug fixes


  • You can set Xero tracking categories against invoice lines in Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • You can now report on the tracking categories in Microsoft Dynamics 365 like you can do in Xero


  • Shows the Xero invoice online URL in Microsoft Dynamics 365 on the Xero details record

  • You can sort the invoice lines alphabetically when the invoice is created in Xero (new option under Stellarise Connector Settings)

  • Now handles credit notes against Sales Invoices and against Bills (introduces new invoice types: Sales Invoice, Bill, Sales Credit Note and Bill Credit Note)


  • Shows the outstanding (unpaid) amount against individual invoices.

  • You can now sync invoice lines that only have Tax values.

  • You can use our connector with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Professional license.

  • If you have at least one Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise license you can use the Enterprise package and use this Connectorly inside the Sales Hub app.


  • Streamline your invoicing workflow and automatically send Sales Invoices to customers via email from Xero as soon as they have been synced.

  • You can manually enter your own invoice numbers in Dynamics 365 and have these synced to Xero. This is really useful if you enter your Purchase Invoices in Dynamics.


We've made more usability enhancements in this release, so that you can now:

· Handle bundled products

· Embedded Stellarise Connector documentation in Microsoft Dynamics 365

We've also updated the SiteMap so that the connector works with the new Dynamics Sales Hub.


With this release:

· products now have GL Codes and Tax Rates in Dynamics 365

· you can rename the Connection Name to something more meaningful

· we've cleaned up the Dynamics Tiles view.

Default Values

You can now define defaults to be applied to your invoices in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for:

· The Connector used to sync the invoice to Xero

· The Xero Branding Theme to be applied

· Default Account Codes to be applied for Sales and Purchase invoices.


Stellarise Connector for Dynamics 365 and Xero quickly syncs invoices, payments, and accounts between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Xero systems.


The first Connector for Dynamics 365 and Xero version.

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