Are the payments synchronised?

Yes, Connectorly checks the invoice statuses and payments in Xero and pushing back this information to Dynamics 365

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Every 10 minutes, Connectorly looks for new invoices to synchronise. How does it recognise them? The rules for syncing an invoice from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Xero are as follows:

  1. The invoice must be created after you install the Connectorly. (This is because invoices created before installation will not have the Xero Details shadow entity.)

  2. A valid, working Connectorly must be selected against the invoice.

  3. Date Delivered MUST be set as today or in the past.

  4. Xero Details →Export Status MUST be set to 'No'

  5. The invoice MUST have at least one invoice line.

If all of these five conditions are satisfied, the invoice will be automatically picked up by Connectorly and synchronised with Xero.

Once the invoice is successfully synchronised with Xero, the "Shadow Entity" on your invoice in Dynamics 365 will update Xero synchronisation details accordingly for the following fields:

  • Xero Invoice Number

  • Xero Invoice Status

  • Xero Invoice URL

  • Export Status

  • Export Date

A Sync history record also will be created with the result of the synchronisation process.

Synching details back to Dynamics 365

When you synchronise an Invoice, Connectorly syncs the calculated tax, invoice status, outstanding and overdue amounts back from Xero to Dynamics.

Amount Due

When the invoice in Xero has an overdue amount, Connectorly will update the details accordingly in the Sync History “Details” field in the Dynamics 365 invoice as well.

If the invoice receives a partial payment in Xero, Connectorly will automatically sync this information back to Dynamics 365. The Sync History of the relevant invoice in Dynamics 365 will be updated accordingly with its current amount paid, without changing the invoice status itself.

Amount Owed

Amount Owed is only available on the Account and Contact record, not the invoice itself. Click on the Customer and choose the ‘Connectorly’ view where it says Account/Contact.

Once in there, the area below Account Name and Invoice Name is shown - with Amount Owed.

Amount Overdue

Amount Overdue is shown in the same area as Amount Owed, once the Connectorly view is selected on the Account/Contact.

Fully paid invoice

Once the invoice is fully paid in Xero, this information will be automatically pushed to Dynamics 365 and the “Details” field in Sync history will be updated accordingly.

Once Connectorly successfully syncs the invoice this fully paid status from Xero to Dynamics 365 - the invoice in Dynamics 365 gets marked as Paid and becomes Read-only.

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