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How to share a Connectorly with someone else
How to share a Connectorly with someone else

Invite and share your connection with others so they can view or manage it, for example to connect to Xero or another end-point.

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Why might I need to do this?

To connect to an end point

If you don't have permission to connect to an end-point but another team member does, then you can invite them to the connection and they can connect on your behalf.

To help troubleshoot

Sometimes an extra pair of eyes is helpful - our support team may from time to time ask you to invite them to your connection.

How to invite

From Your Connections click the invite button for the Connection you want to invite someone to.

Enter the email address of the user you want to invite, choose the permissions you want to give them and click invite.

They'll be sent an email link to create an account. Once they've completed this, they will have access to the connection you've shared.

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