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The Connectorly Platform
The Connectorly Platform
What is Connectorly?An Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) with a difference.
How to create a Connectorly accountYour account gives you free trial access to all Connectorly products.
Creating a new Connectorly subscriptionOnce logged in, you can quickly add a new Connectorly and start using it straight away.
How to share a Connectorly with someone elseInvite and share your connection with others so they can view or manage it, for example to connect to Xero or another end-point.
User roles and access levelsWhen you invite a user to a connection, they can have different permissions.
How to setup or change billing detailsChange the billing details on your invoices
Password RecoveryIf you forget your password, here's how to reset it.
Canceling a SubscriptionYou can cancel a subscription any time in line with our Terms and Conditions.
How do I troubleshoot my Connectorly?Where can I find logs for my connector?
How to rename my Connectorly?Manage your Connectorly account
How can I change my credit card details?Payment method changes
How to pay for your ConnectorlyPay with credit card for your subscription
How Connectorly keeps your data safeDetails on the data we hold and how we secure it
How to setup or change payment detailsSetup or change the payment details for your connection.
How to enable two-factor authentication?It is important to keep you account safe. Use 2FA with your Connectorly account.
How to reconnect an application that has disconnectedOccasionally an application may disconnect - for example when an application vendor makes changes - and you'll need to reconnect.
How to combine Connectorly dataConnectorly allows you to group different connections - even different types - and bring data together.