How to Install the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution

The Connectorly managed solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 extends a Dynamics 365 instance so it is compatible with Xero

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Before connecting Connectorly to Microsoft Dynamics 365, the correct managed solution must be installed. This article explains how.

Download the solution zip file

Choose the right package installer for your version of Microsoft Dynamics 365; Professional or Enterprise and either...

Use the links on your connection edit page...

Install the solution

Once you have downloaded the solution, install it into Dynamics 365.

Don't unzip the solution prior to installing it in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

In your Dynamics 365 Instance go to Settings > Solutions as below:

... or in the Unified Interface select Settings > Advanced Settings:

A new window will open with the Settings area. Now you can select the Solutions.

Click on the β€˜import solution’ button, select the downloaded .zip file and follow the installation flow provided by Dynamics 365.

Once the solution is installed, go back to the connection details page at Connectorly and open your connection to connect to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Solution Download Links

Upgrading from Stellarise Connector (prior to v3.10)

If you have previously installed Stellarise Connector please upgrade using the version name with _upgrade_before_v310.


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