Setup and Configuration
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Pre-requisitesThese are the things you need before you can use Connectorly for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Xero.
How to connect to Xero and Microsoft Dynamics 365 with ConnectorlyInstall our solution, connect to Dynamics 365 and then connect to Xero
How to Install the Microsoft Dynamics 365 SolutionThe Connectorly managed solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 extends a Dynamics 365 instance so it is compatible with Xero
Connect to Microsoft Dynamics 365Connect to Microsoft Dynamics 365 to give Connectorly permission to access and work with your Dynamics 365 instance.
How to connect to XeroThis step gives Connectorly permission to access information from your selected Xero Organisation.
Sync your First InvoiceSetup your invoice in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and send it to Xero
Configuring Connectorly for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and XeroConnectorly's behaviour can be modified to suit different invoicing workflows by changing the settings.
When are Account Codes, Tax Codes, Branding Themes and Tracking Categories synced?Connectorly syncs these details every 10 minutes or so.
How to sync Bills and Credit Notes?Connectorly extends the standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales App functionality by adding the ability to create Bills and Credit Notes