Connect to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Connect to Microsoft Dynamics 365 to give Connectorly permission to access and work with your Dynamics 365 instance.

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Connect to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Before connecting, ensure you have the right User Permissions

From the connection details page at, click on the Connect to Dynamics and allow access:

Select the Dynamics 365 Organisation from the list:

Once you have selected the Dynamics 365 Organisation, a successful connection is shown by a green tick against it.

Set the Connection Name and Timezone

As a last step, set these default behaviours as follows.

Connection Name

You can change your connection name on the top of the Connection page (this name will be visible in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your connector name)

Set the Timezone

The timezone is used when determining when to send invoices to Xero.

Select the right Timezone on the Settings tab.

Next step: Connect to Xero

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