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How can I sync an updated invoice from Dynamics 365 to Xero?
How can I sync an updated invoice from Dynamics 365 to Xero?

From version 3.12.0 you can sync your invoice updates from Dynamics 365 to Xero

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This feature only works with invoices, bills and credit notes that were created by Connectorly version 3.12.0 or after.

Once you have updated your invoice in Dynamics 365, change the Export Status on the related Xero details record to Ready to update and save the record. Next time when Connectorly runs it will pick up the changes and will transfer them into Xero.

In Xero there are a couple of rules around the invoice and bill updates that you need to know:

Xero invoice

Information can be updated

Non-Paid Invoice and Bill

Everything can be updated.

Paid Invoice

Only the following can be updated:

  • Reference,

  • DueDate,

  • InvoiceNumber,

  • BrandingThemeID,

  • Contact,

  • URL

and on the invoice lines only:

  • Description,

  • AccountCode, except for Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) account codes

  • Tracking

Paid Bill

Cannot be updated.

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