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How do I resolve "Dynamics 365 solution hasn't been installed/missing"?
How do I resolve "Dynamics 365 solution hasn't been installed/missing"?

To use Connectorly for Dynamics 365 and Xero you must install the Connectorly solution in your Dynamics 365 instance.

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If the synchronisation did not happen as expected you can check the Sync history under your connector at Connectorly.

Once logged in select the Sync History tab.

If you see a message says the Dynamics 365 solution hasn't been installed/missing you can troubleshoot the issue as follows.

Have you installed the Connectorly Managed Solution?

Navigate to Settings > Solutions in Dynamics 365. You should see just one, Managed, Stellarise Connector for Dynamics 365 and Xero solution installed as highlighted below:

  • If you can't navigate to see this then you don't have permissions to install solutions. You will need to speak to someone who has administrative access to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance for help.

Are you connecting to the correct Dynamics 365 instance?

If you have installed the solution, but you are still getting this message, then check to see if you're connecting to the correct instance when you create the connection to Microsoft Dynamics 365. You may have more than one instance and have selected the wrong one which doesn't have the Managed Solution installed.

One way you can check out the instances you have is to navigate to the Dynamics 365 Administration Centre - this will display all instances. If this connection is in use in production, then make sure you have selected the production instance when connecting to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Click on each instance to see what Solutions are installed and check that Stellarise Connector for Dynamics 365 and Xero is installed.

In the following example there are three instances; Sandbox, Production and a default.

Confusingly in this example the default was the wrong instance to connect with; Production was correct.

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